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The Kleisin Family

supplementary data for the publication Mol Cell. 2003 Mar;11(3):571-5 (PMID: 12667442)

Kleisins: a superfamily of bacterial and eukaryotic SMC protein partners

Alexander Schleiffer, Susanna Kaitna, Sebastian Maurer-Stroh, Michael Glotzer, Kim Nasmyth and Frank Eisenhaber

A. Search History

1. PSI-BLAST with scpA_Bacillus_subtilis

2. PSI-BLAST with the c-terminal (147-249 AA) region of Staphylococcus aureus scpA

3. PSI-BLAST with Pseudomonas aeruginosa scpA (2-227 AA)

4. RPS-BLAST with Barren proteins in PFAM_own (Pfam plus our own model of N- and C-terminus of Scc1/Rec8/scpA)

B. FASTA files of the family members

C. Taxonomic distribution of the kleisin family

D. Taxonomic distribution of the sequences used in the alignments Fig1. A and B. (PDF)

This figure was produced with the taxonomy workbench [Wildpaner et al., 2001] using the NCBI taxonomic classification.

E. Multiple alignment of the Kleisin family

Prokaryote kleisin - ScpA CLUSTAL PDF
Kleisin-α - Scc1/Rec8 CLUSTAL PDF
Kleisin-γ - Barren CLUSTAL PDF
selected kleisins - N-terminus CLUSTAL PDF
selected Kleisins - C-terminus CLUSTAL PDF
Note on the kleisin proteins from Mycoplasma:
The two Mycoplasma orthologues have an additional globular domain at the N-terminus. These first 160 residues of NP_072878.1 (Mycoplasma genitalium) and NP_109988.1 (Mycoplasma pneumonia) have low but non-random sequence similarity (E-value=0.007), but only the latter segment represents a dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR)-like domain (a CD search yields E-value=6.0e-17 with PF00186). Subject to verification of correct Mycoplasma genome assembly, the role of this domain remains to be clarified.

F. Schematic presentation of different SMC/kleisin ring closure options

G. KLE-2 RNA depletion in C. elegans results in a severe chromosome segregation phenotype.

H. Material and Methods