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The Brix domain protein family: one archaeobacterial and five eukaryote classes

Legend of sequence entry table

Sequences are characterized in the table by species and accession number in Entrez. In entries labelled with *, at least two non-identical database entries have been found. If the entry is labelled with $, the species is reported as non-identified but the sequence is similar to the human one.

Species abbreviations:

Af Archeoglobus fulgidus Mt Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum
Ap Aeropyrum pernix Nc Neurospora crassa
At Arabidopsis thaliana Pa Pyrococcus abyssi
Ca Candida albicans Pc Pneumocystisi carinii
Ce Ceanorhabditis elegans Ph Pyrococcus horikoshii
Dm Drosophila melanogaster Sc Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Gt Guillardia theta Sp Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Hs Homo sapiens Ss Sulfolobus solfataricus
Lm Leishmania major Tc Trypanosoma cruzi
Mj Methanococcus jannaschii Yl Yarrowia lipolytica
Mm Mus musculus    

class species comment DB entry 1 DB entry 2
I: Archaea Ss - CAB57572.1  
  Ap - B72623  
  Pa - G75218  
  Ph - H71203  
  Af - A69388  
  Mj - Q58012  
  Mt - F69190  
II: Peter Pan Hs* - CAB77112.1
(XP_009028, NP_064615)
  Dm* Peter Pan/ppan AAD16459.1 AAF55851.1
  Ce - T32923  
  Lm RNA binding protein 1 AAF39738.1  
  At - BAB10077.1  
  Sp - T39008  
  Sc* SSF1/SSF2 P38789 Q12153
III: Hypothetical p. 1 Hs - BAB14086.1  
  Dm CG6712 AAF53162.1  
  Ce* YUY1 P54073 T19409
  At* - CAB77726.1 T01938
  Gt - CAC27105.1  
  Sp YDS4 O14180  
  Sc YHR088wp, Rpf1p P38805  
  Yl - CAB55338.1  
  Ca - CAB77655.1  
  Pc - AAG38541.1  
IV: IMP4 Hs   UniGene Hs.91579  
  Dm CG11920 AAF56395.1  
  Ce YHKP O62518  
  Tc stage-specific protein 24 AAD14602.1  
  At - AAF07373.1 AAG52427.1
  Sp YEE7 O13823  
  Sc IMP4 P53941  
  Nc - CAC18315.1  
V: Brix Hs FLJ11100 BAA92003.1  
  Xl Brix AF319877  
  Dm CG11583 AAF47877.1  
  Ce YM63 P34524  
  At* - AAF35412.1 AAF30341.1
  Sp - CAC01521.1  
  Sc YOL077cp S66770  
VI: Hypothetical p. 2 Hs* - BAB14983.1 CAC11120.1
  Mm - BAA95117.1  
  Dm CG7993 AAF55514.1  
  Ce - AAF60765.1  
  At - BAB02781.1  
  Sp* - T39206 BAA87188.1
  Sc YKR081cp P36160  

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