DAS-TMfilter server

By Miklos Cserzo

Please follow these links for additional information, or e-mail the author- for the address just join cserzo with the domain puskin.sote.hu using an @.

DAS-TMfilter is used in the STRAP integrated application.

If you came here looking for the Distributed Annotation System, please follow the link to the biodas.org.

Output format: long short

Evaluation: unconditional trusted

TM-library size: 8 16 24 32

Enter your protein query here: (Fasta-format upto 50 entries or raw format, single sequence.)


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"On filtering false positive transmembrane protein predictions": Miklos Cserzo, Frank Eisenhaber, Birgit Eisenhaber, and Istvan Simon; Protein Eng. 2002 15: 745-752. Please follow the link for the online abstract.

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