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A S C    The Analytic Surface Calculation Package

How to run your own ASC version ?

If you want to use ASC for private or academical purpose, you may download it here.

Commercial users please contact in advance the author for a commercial user licence.

The file you get is 'tar'ed and compressed using the UNIX 'compress' utility.

The size of the compressed file is about 400 kB.

Uncompressing and unpacking it, a directory 'ASC.21' with the subdirectories 'EXAMPLES', 'SCRIPTS', 'README', 'lib' and 'src' will be created.

ASC.21 contains two files, 'asc.call' and 'asc.make'; starting asc.call will do all the nescessary steps to create the executable 'asc'.
For more information see the manuals in the 'README' directory.

Click here, to download asc214.tar.Z now (bug fix of PDB selected chain input).

Click here, to download asc213.tar.Z now (this version can also be compiled under Linux !).

Click here, to download asc212.tar.Z now.

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