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EvOluation of proteome-wide predictions of glycine myristoylation

Each Genbank sequence is assigned to a unique number called GenInfo Identifyer (GI number; purely numeric, e.g. 21263684) that helps to identify particular entries within the database. Entries are subject to change and an updated version of an entry receives a new independent GI number. Details, as well as other additional sequence identifiers used in Genbank (such as the accession.version scheme) can be found here.

To find the GeneInfo Identifier of your protein, enter keywords describing your protein in the search window below and press 'Search'. This will open a new window searching the protein part of NCBI's Genbank. If you find your protein among the hits, the corresponding GI number will be displayed on several locations (e.g. "gi|21263684|sp|Q9B... ...[21263684]" or when you click further "[gi:21263684]" and "VERSION     Q9BIG5  GI:21263684").


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