NMT - The MYR Predictor
MyristoylCoA:Protein N-Myristoyltransferase
Supplementary material to
N-terminal N-Myristoylation of Proteins:
I. Refinement of the Sequence Motif and its Taxon-specific Differences
II. Prediction of Substrate Proteins from Amino Acid Sequence


Please choose the parameter set according to the taxonomy of your query sequence:
EUKARYOTA (without FUNGI) and their VIRUSES
FUNGI specific

Generally, the enzyme NMT requires an N-terminal glycine (leading methionines are cleaved prior to myristoylation). However, also internal glycines may become N-terminal as a result of proteolytic processing of proproteins. If you know about a potential cleavage site where a glycine might become N-terminal, you can use the second option and supply the corresponding sequence fragment. If you are not sure, use the default option that detects sequence similarity to verified cleavage sites in the learning set.

Run prediction only for N-terminal glycines

Possible leading methionines are allowed.
Protein sequence (FASTA-format, standard coding of the 20 natural amino acids, none ambiguous letters):

Minimum sequence length: 17 residues

My browser can view MPEG-movies and I want to see the virtual flight
      through the NMT binding pocket while my request is being processed.

In our output we provide the calculated score not only translated into a probability of false positive prediction but also divided into two quality assignments of predicted sites to facilitate estimation of the sequence quality as motif for myristoylation by NMT.

Myristoylation sites predicted as 'RELIABLE' comply with the sequence motif as implemented in the present version of the predictor and will most likely be processed by NMT when provided as substrate. This prediction does not necessarily imply a biological context for the query protein that allows in vivo access to the NMT. 

Myristoylation sites predicted in the 'TWILIGHT ZONE' have a less complete concordance with the myristoylation sequence pattern as implemented in the predictor.

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