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Functional classification of Oryza sativa hits

Birgit Eisenhaber (IMP/Austria)
Michael Wildpaner (IMP/Austria)
Frank Eisenhaber (IMP/Austria)
Carolyn Schultz (University of Adelaide/Australia)
Paul Dupree and Georg Borner (University of Cambridge/UK)

Summary Table:

Protein Families Number of Proteins with predicted N-terminal Signal Peptide Number of Proteins without predicted N-terminal Signal Peptide
AGP related (classical AGPs, AG-peptides, Lys-rich, fasciclin-like) 20 2
Extensin related 2 -
Phytocyanin-like (stellacyanin-like, uclacyanin-like, early nodulin-like, PF02298) 36 3
Phytochelatin synthetase like(COBRA and COBRA like, PF04833) 5 -
Glycerophosphodiesterase-like (PF03009) 3 -
Glycohydrolases(families 1,5,8 or 17; PF00232, PF00150, PF01501, PF00322) 20 2
Pectin metabolism related 4 1

*aspartyl proteases (PF00026)
*metalloproteinases (PF00413, PF03933)
*cysteine proteinases (PF00112)
*DUF239 (PF03080, putative carboxy-terminal proteinase)





LTP family/seed storage/protease inhibitor (PF00234) 16 -
Kazal-type serine protease inhibitors (PF00050) - -
Multicopper oxidase/BP10-like (PF00394) 3 -
Glucose/sorbosone dehydrogenases/hedgehog-interacting-like 2 -
Signaling receptor-like 9 2
Thaumatin-like (PF00314) 5 -
Cation transporters 1 2
Other functions 18 21
Hypothetical proteins/unknown function 48 84

AGP related (classical AGPs, AG-peptides, Lys-rich, fasciclin-like)

classical AGPs
3863.m00231 agp6, putative
2225.m00175 AF333973 fasciclin-like arabinogalactan-protein 7
2225.m00176 AF333973 fasciclin-like arabinogalactan-protein 7
2231.m00150 AF333973 fasciclin-like arabinogalactan-protein 7
2231.m00151 AF333973 fasciclin-like arabinogalactan-protein 7
3733.m00137 AF333974 fasciclin-like arabinogalactan-protein 9
AG peptides
2828.m00133 hypothetical protein
2828.m00134 hypothetical protein
3323.m00125 hypothetical protein
2506.m00134 conserved hypothetical protein
2773.m00116 conserved hypothetical protein
2738.m00147 Similar to Pinus taeda arabinogalactan-like protein
1961.m00188 conserved hypothetical protein 
2326.m00141 endosperm specific protein-like
3863.m00230 fasciclin-like arabinogalactan protein FLA8 
3920.m00220 AF333970 fasciclin-like arabinogalactan-protein 1-related 
2534.m00201 8734-7967 
3274.m00177 conserved hypothetical protein 
3356.m00145 AF195890 arabinogalactan protein-related 
without predicted N-terminal signal peptide
3053.m00178 AF333973 fasciclin-like arabinogalactan-protein 7
3111.m00136 AF333973 fasciclin-like arabinogalactan-protein 7

Extensin related

2773.m00130 extensin precursor (cell wall hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein)-related  
2806.m00113 extensin precursor (cell wall hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein)-related  

Phytocyanin-like (stellacyanin-like, uclacyanin-like, early nodulin-like, PF02298)

755.m00090  OSJNBa0040E01.2 putative blue copper-binding protein
1899.m00160 AJ307662 uclacyanin 3-like protein
2728.m00152 Similar to mavicyanin 
1964.m00178 mavicyanin
2759.m00136 Plastocyanin-like domain, putative
1977.m00162 blue copper-binding protein homolog, putative
3553.m00205 blue copper-binding protein homolog
2779.m00137 similar to Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 1, T27G7.18
2032.m00149 putative blue copper-binding protein
2241.m00156 EPc 
3662.m00134 uclacyanin 3-like protein
2896.m00106 gene_id:K10D20.11
2940.m00146 AJ307662 uclacyanin 3-like protein
2943.m00210 AJ307662 uclacyanin 3-like protein
2336.m00145 EPc
2366.m00156 AJ307662 uclacyanin 3-like protein
3869.m00155 Plastocyanin-like domain, putative
3038.m00129 blue copper-binding protein homolog 
3038.m00130 blue copper-binding protein homolog
3038.m00132 blue copper-binding protein homolog
3038.m00133 blue copper-binding protein homolog
2457.m00129 stellacyanin (uclacyanin 3)-like protein
3055.m00136 blue copper-binding protein homolog
3055.m00138 blue copper-binding protein homolog
3055.m00139 blue copper-binding protein homolog
3055.m00143 blue copper-binding protein homolog
3108.m00136 blue copper protein
3108.m00137 blue copper protein precursor
3113.m00120 blue copper protein precursor
3113.m00121 blue copper protein
3214.m00176 OJ1540_H01.16 putative blue copper-binding protein
2534.m00208 AL161581 nodulin-like protein, putative
3223.m00186 blue copper protein
2567.m00164 AJ307662 uclacyanin 3-like protein
3321.m00225 stellacyanin, putative
without predicted N-terminal signal peptide
3038.m00131 blue copper-binding protein homolog
3055.m00137 blue copper-binding protein homolog
3089.m00175 nodulin-like protein 

Phytochelatin synthetase like(COBRA and COBRA like, PF04833)

3436.m00134 conserved hypothetical protein
1975.m00210 similar to unknown protein-related
2271.m00160 AB008269 phytochelatin synthetase-related
4145.m00200 31818-33764-related

Glycerophosphodiesterase-like (PF03009)

2439.m00145 strong similarity to unknown protein
3111.m00145 Unknown protein-related
2231.m00149 AL161565 putative protein-related

Glycohydrolases(families 1,5,8 or 17; PF00232, PF00150, PF01501, PF00322)

3540.m00086 beta-glucosidase
3108.m00145 exo-1,3-beta-glucanase
3113.m00112 exo-1,3-beta-glucanase
1987.m00112 AL049862 glycosyltransferase-like protein
3384.m00093 AC026238 Hypothetical protein 
3455.m00159 endo-1,3-beta-glucanase-like protein
1947.m00148 Similar to glucan endo-1,3-beta-glucosidase precursor
3484.m00112 putative protein
3485.m00189 putative beta-1,3-glucanase
3544.m00160 AY063117 putative beta-1,3-glucanase
3553.m00192 Similar to glucan endo-1,3-beta-glucosidase precursor
2081.m00132 AX167660 unnamed protein product 
2112.m00142 endo-1,3-beta-glucanase-like protein
3732.m00178 AF412078 At1g69290/F23O10_12 
3903.m00197 1, 3-beta-glucanase-like protein
3046.m00104 1, 3-beta-glucanase-like protein
3056.m00104 glucan endo-1,3-beta-glucosidase
3065.m00107 glucan endo-1,3-beta-glucosidase
3972.m00273 putative beta-1,3-glucanase
4130.m00165 1, 3-beta-glucanase-like protein
without predicted N-terminal signal peptide
2003.m00138 putative protein-related 
3030.m00092 Z97343 glucanase like protein-related 

Pectin metabolism related

2530.m00240 Similar to Lycopersicon esculentum pectin methylesterase. 
3749.m00154 putative ripening-related protein
3520.m00119 unnamed protein product, putative (S<0)
3749.m00153 conserved hypothetical protein protein (S<0)
without predicted N-terminal signal peptide
3011.m00063 Multicopper oxidase, putative


LTP family/seed storage/protease inhibitor (PF00234)

3407.m00213 F23N19.16
3430.m00132 AY035005 unknown protein
3430.m00133 AY065446 unknown protein
3447.m00123 AC013354 F15H18.20
1957.m00226 AC013354 F15H18.20
1975.m00218 F23N19.16
3553.m00182 AY035005 unknown protein-related
3553.m00183 AY045650 AT3g22600/F16J14_17
2084.m00148 Plant lipid transfer protein family, putative
2084.m00154 AY045650 AT3g22600/F16J14_17
2084.m00155 AY045650 AT3g22600/F16J14_17
2084.m00160 AY035005 unknown protein
2084.m00161 Plant lipid transfer protein family, putative
3665.m00292 AY045650 AT3g22600/F16J14_17-related
2244.m00180 AY045650 AT3g22600/F16J14_17, putative
3899.m00171 AT5g64080/MHJ24_6, putative

Multicopper oxidase/BP10-like (PF00394)

3574.m00174 OSJNBb0091N21.26 putative multicopper oxidase similar to ascorbate oxidase chain A GI:442635 
3594.m00126 Multicopper oxidase, putative
3020.m00180 Multicopper oxidase, putative

Glucose/sorbosone dehydrogenases/hedgehog-interacting-like

2013.m00288 strong similarity to unknown protein 
3590.m00146 F25A4.24 

Signaling receptor-like

2458.m00098 Hypothetical protein-related (C2, Protein kinase C conserved region 2, COG5038)
2708.m00128 Leucine Rich Repeat (LRR)
2747.m00132 Similar to Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium Cf-2 gene (LRR)
2773.m00121 Leucine Rich Repeat, putative (LLR)
2815.m00153 AL161549 putative protein (LRR)
2840.m00154 Similar to Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium Cf-2 gene (LRR)
2323.m00184 CAA303710.1 protein (smart00148, PLCXc)
2964.m00128 CAA303710.1 protein (smart00148, PLCXc)
3032.m00075 Unknown protein (PLCc, Phospholipase C, cd00137)
without predicted N-terminal signal peptide
3685.m00131 hypothetical protein (receptor serine/threonine kinase)
2519.m00093 hypothetical protein (receptor serine/threonine kinase)

Thaumatin-like (PF00314)

3610.m00123 AL161588 thaumatin-like protein
3094.m00117 AL161588 thaumatin-like protein
3131.m00122 thaumatin-like protein
3161.m00138 Putative thaumatin isolog
3161.m00144 Putative thaumatin isolog

Cation transporters

2242.m00138 putative CorA-like Mg2+ transporter protein, putative (CorA-like Mg2+ transporter protein, PF01544)
without predicted N-terminal signal peptide
1954.m00166 low-affinity cation transporter 
1980.m00204 potential cadmium/zinc-transporting atpase hma1

Other functions

2050.m00190 antifreeze glycopeptide AFGP polyprotein precursor-related
2330.m00180 AC021891 Putative disease resistance protein-related
3728.m00156 glycine-rich cell wall protein precursor-related (B_lectin)
4176.m00116 Unknown protein  (B_lectin)
4168.m00119 lectin precursor (lectin_legA + lectin_legB)
331.m00089 putative lipase-related (S<0)
3465.m00147 AY056221 unknown protein (LysM domain)
3107.m00132 AL161558 putative protein (MatE, PF01554)
2918.m00137 similar to Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 1, T24D18.16 (AP2-domain, PF00847) (putatively wrong prediction)
3835.m00151 aintegumaenta-like protein (AP2-domain, PF00847) (putatively wrong prediction)
34.m00128 putative low molecular early light-inducible protein (putatively wrong prediction)
2777.m00165 AC007789 putative low molecular early light-inducible protein (putatively wrong prediction)
3181.m00126 putative cytochrome b-561 (putatively wrong prediction)
4110.m00121 cytochrome (putatively wrong prediction)
3618.m00140 AP000837 Similar to putative transcription factor-related (putatively wrong prediction)
3662.m00131 peroxidase (putatively wrong prediction)
3330.m00146 chlorophyll synthase-related (putatively wrong prediction)
2820.m00162 Similar to Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome II BAC F14M4 genomic sequence (putatively wrong prediction)
without predicted N-terminal signal peptide
2938.m00139 annexin-like protein-related
1893.m00177 hypothetical protein (COG2814, AraJ, Arabinose efflux permease)
2814.m00141 putative protein (Auxin_eff, PF03547, Auxin Efflux Carrier)
2513.m00131 auxin-induced protein TGSAUR12 (S<0)
4128.m00162 cold acclimation protein WCOR413-like protein-related 
2086.m00265 CMP-sialic acid transporter-like protein (S<0)
904.m00118 OSJNBa0082M15.17 putative membrane protein similar to vesicle-associated membrane protein (VAMP) (MSP_domain, PF00635)
3233.m00112 putative protein (MSP)
3958.m00101 AY056083 AT4g30260/F9N11_110 (YIP1, PF04893)
3681.m00206 Unknown protein-related (BTB/POZ domain, PF00651)
2433.m00218 helicase-like 
3760.m00214 similar to unknown protein-related (S<0)  (GATA Zinc finger)
1951.m00161 putative DNA-binding protein-related 
1960.m00148 putative DNA-binding protein-related 
3508.m00235 kinesin heavy chain-like protein 
4161.m00315 AY090251 AT4g35870/F4B14_140 (Euk_porin, Eukaryotic porin, PF01459)
3973.m00086 syntaxin of plants 52 
2492.m00126 syntaxin of plants 52 (S<0)
3223.m00184 thioredoxin h
903.m00129 OSJNBa0076F20.5 putative transcription factor similar to transcription factor GT-2 GB (S<0)
2263.m00163 mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunit tim13

Hypothetical proteins/unknown function

3780.m00146 Uncharacterized BCR, COG1963, putative (DUF212)
3050.m00125 hypothetical protein (DUF568)
2244.m00165 putative protein (DUF588)
2335.m00128 putative protein-related (DUF588)
2887.m00097 AF325081 unknown protein (DUF642)
2723.m00161 hypothetical protein
3459.m00160 hypothetical protein
2736.m00141 conserved hypothetical protein
1960.m00139 hypothetical protein
1984.m00143 gene_id:MDA7.23 
2773.m00131 hypothetical protein
2008.m00150 hypothetical protein
3578.m00180 hypothetical protein
2114.m00198 hypothetical protein
2114.m00199 hypothetical protein
2797.m00221 hypothetical protein
2806.m00114 hypothetical protein
2813.m00154 similar to unknown protein
3685.m00133 hypothetical protein
3685.m00134 hypothetical protein
3685.m00135 hypothetical protein
2846.m00137 hypothetical protein
2870.m00184 similar to unknown protein
2876.m00145 conserved hypothetical protein protein
2887.m00100 hypothetical protein
3787.m00122 gene_id:MDA7.23-related
3806.m00137 conserved hypothetical protein
3835.m00134 AY065130 unknown protein
2430.m00165 hypothetical protein
2434.m00145 similar to unknown protein, putative
3879.m00129 hypothetical protein
3920.m00222 suppressor protein srp40 
2485.m00128 hypothetical protein
2521.m00136 hypothetical protein
2527.m00125 similar to unknown protein, putative
4142.m00149 hypothetical protein
3252.m00175 hypothetical protein
3257.m00090 APEG precursor protein-related
2602.m00198 H76537 come from this gene.
2821.m00147 hypothetical protein
2837.m00157 hypothetical protein
3808.m00177 hypothetical protein
3258.m00218 hypothetical protein
1993.m00170 hypothetical protein (S<0)
2486.m00125 PPR repeat, putative 
without predicted N-terminal signal peptide
2685.m00119 similar to Drosophila melanogaster chromosome 3L, CG10171 gene product-related (S<0) (DUF92)
2832.m00077 similar to Drosophila melanogaster chromosome 3L, CG10171 gene product-related (S<0) (DUF92)
2419.m00159 57035-56302, putative (S<0) (DUF581)
3721.m00156 putative protein (DUF588)
3899.m00180 conserved hypothetical protein (S<0)
2468.m00130 76867-75803
2520.m00113 76867-75803
3029.m00134 hypothetical protein  (fragment)
31.m00097 OSJNBb0015I11.2 hypothetical protein predicted by genemark.hmm
382.m00065 OSJNBb0064P21.13 hypothetical protein predicted by genemark.hmm
905.m00203 OSJNBa0026A15.28 hypothetical protein predicted by genemarkHMM
2677.m00152 conserved hypothetical protein
2684.m00152 conserved hypothetical protein
1928.m00181 histidine-rich protein-related
1930.m00153 hypothetical protein
1931.m00184 hypothetical protein
3455.m00161 similar to unknown protein
3467.m00079 hypothetical protein
3485.m00172 hypothetical protein
3514.m00185 hypothetical protein
2781.m00201 conserved hypothetical protein
2114.m00203 hypothetical protein
3626.m00172 hypothetical protein
2240.m00157 hypothetical protein
2241.m00154 conserved hypothetical protein protein
3659.m00163 ZCF61-related
2825.m00171 hypothetical protein
3689.m00174 hypothetical protein
3689.m00175 hypothetical protein
3754.m00162 hypothetical protein
3844.m00169 hypothetical protein
2984.m00143 hypothetical protein
3855.m00184 hypothetical protein
2360.m00106 hypothetical protein
3886.m00133 hypothetical protein
3892.m00052 AT3g28670/MZN14_13
3061.m00321 hypothetical protein
4107.m00168 AY093134 unknown protein
3096.m00125 conserved hypothetical protein protein
3108.m00139 hypothetical protein
3108.m00147 hypothetical protein
3113.m00118 hypothetical protein
4135.m00157 hypothetical protein
3161.m00136 Hypothetical protein
3176.m00118 hypothetical protein
3224.m00143 hypothetical protein
4159.m00078 hypothetical protein
4833.m00126 AY093134 unknown protein
3354.m00171 hypothetical protein
1069.m00180 OSJNBa0015K03.13 hypothetical protein predicted by genemarkHMM
2684.m00149 conserved hypothetical protein
2684.m00154 hypothetical protein
3410.m00119 hypothetical protein
3621.m00144 hypothetical protein
2188.m00184 OSJNBa0033P04.16 hypothetical protein predicted by genemarkHMM
3634.m00172 hypothetical protein
3720.m00160 hypothetical protein
2278.m00117 hypothetical protein
3817.m00005 hypothetical protein
2965.m00175 hypothetical protein
2996.m00177 hypothetical protein
3021.m00149 conserved hypothetical protein
3054.m00103 hypothetical protein
3072.m00135 Unknown protein-related
3150.m00141 hypothetical protein
2684.m00147 hypothetical protein (S<0)
3476.m00134 At2g06200/F5K7.4-related (S<0)
2084.m00149 conserved hypothetical protein (S<0)
3637.m00161 conserved hypothetical protein (S<0)
2264.m00210 hypothetical protein (S<0)
3773.m00133 conserved hypothetical protein (S<0) 
3799.m00124 putative dragline silk protein-related (S<0)
2332.m00129 hypothetical protein (S<0)
2368.m00125 hypothetical protein (S<0)
3885.m00130 hypothetical protein (S<0)
3102.m00128 conserved hypothetical protein (S<0)
3261.m00143 conserved hypothetical protein (S<0)
3289.m00126 hypothetical protein (S<0)
3299.m00166 hypothetical protein (S<0)
1980.m00205 hypothetical protein
3017.m00158 Similar to Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome II BAC F2I9 genomic sequence, unknown protein
3611.m00154 Unknown protein (S<0)
2723.m00160 Putative polyprotein
2686.m00130 conserved hypothetical protein

Last modified: 11th March 2003