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Functional classification of Arabidopsis thaliana hits

Birgit Eisenhaber (IMP/Austria)
Michael Wildpaner (IMP/Austria)
Frank Eisenhaber (IMP/Austria)
Carolyn Schultz (University of Adelaide/Australia)
Paul Dupree and Georg Borner (University of Cambridge/UK)

Summary Table:

Protein Families Number of Proteins with predicted N-terminal Signal Peptide Number of Proteins without predicted N-terminal Signal Peptide
AGP related (classical AGPs, AG-peptides, Lys-rich, fasciclin-like) 38 -
Extensin related 2 -
Phytocyanin-like (stellacyanin-like, uclacyanin-like, early nodulin-like, PF02298) 25 -
Phytochelatin synthetase like(COBRA and COBRA like, PF04833) 6 3
Glycerophosphodiesterase-like (PF03009) 5 -
Glycohydrolases(families 1,5,8 or 17; PF00232, PF00150, PF01501, PF00322) 18 1
Pectin metabolism related 3 -

*aspartyl proteases (PF00026)
*metalloproteinases (PF00413, PF03933)
*cysteine proteinases (PF00112)





LTP family/seed storage/protease inhibitor (PF00234) 18 -
Kazal-type serine protease inhibitors (PF00050) 2 -
Multicopper oxidase/BP10-like (PF00394) 2 -
Glucose/sorbosone dehydrogenases/hedgehog-interacting-like 1 -
Signaling receptor-like 7 2
Thaumatin-like (PF00314) 2 -
Cation transporters 2 3
Other functions 10 36
Hypothetical proteins/unknown function 34 28

AGP related (classical AGPs, AG-peptides, Lys-rich, fasciclin-like)

classical AGPs
At5g64310-68299.m06444 MSJ1.15 arabinogalactan-protein (AtAGP1)
At2g22470-68297.m02260 F14M13.13 unknown protein (AtAGP2)
At5g10430-68299.m01075 F12B17.220 AtAGP4 
At1g35230-68300.m03819 T9I1.2 hypothetical protein (AtAGP5)
At5g14380-68299.m01489 F18O22.170 agp6 (AtAGP6)
At5g65390-68299.m06567 MNA5.12 unknown protein (AtAGP7)
At2g14890-68297.m01399 T26I20.5 putative proline-rich protein (AtAGP9)
At4g09030-68296.m00833 F23J3.60 arabinogalactan-protein homolog (AtAGP10)
At3g01700-68298.m00083 F4P13.24 F28J7.2 unknown protein (AtAGP11)
At5g18690-68299.m01957 T1A4.70 proline-richh protein predicted protein F24P17.17 (AtAGP25)
At2g47930-68297.m05127 T9J23.8 F17A22.32 unknown protein (AtAGP26)
At3g06360-68298.m00640 F24P17.17 hypothetical protein predicted by genefinder (AtAGP27)
At1g24520-68300.m02681 F21J9.18 (putative AtAGP1)
At3g26110-68298.m02871 MPE11.5 unknown protein (similar to AtAGP1 and to anther-specific protein BCP1_BRACM)
AG peptides
At3g13520-68298.m01453 MRP15.18 unknown protein (AtAGP12)
At4g26320-68296.m02827 T25K17.130 putative protein  (AtAGP13)
At5g56540-68299.m05553 MKN22.5 putative protein  (AtAGP14)
At5g11740-68299.m01224 T22P22.130 putative protein gibberellin-responsive protein CRG16, Cucumis sativus, EMBL:D49413 (AtAGP15)
At1g55330-68300.m05500 F7A10.11 unknown protein (AtAGP21)
At5g53250-68299.m05178 K19E1.5 putative protein (AtAGP22)
At3g57690-68298.m05525 F15B8.120 pollen-specific protein BAN102-like protein (AtAGP23)
At5g40730-68299.m03748 MNF13.250 putative protein (AtAGP24)
Lys rich
At2g23130-68297.m02337 T20D16.24 F21P24.19 putative proline-rich (AtAGP17)
At4g37450-68296.m04144 F6G17.100 putative protein probable arabinogalactan protein precursor (AtAGP18)
At5g55730-68299.m05459 MDF20.17 putative protein (AtFLA1)
At2g24450-68297.m02478 T28I24.18 hypothetical protein (AtFLA3)
At4g31370-68296.m03413 F3L17.11 F8F16.190 predicted protein endosperm specific protein (AtFLA5) 
At2g04780-68297.m00410 F28I8.18 unknown protein (AtFLA7)
At2g45470-68297.m04836 F4L23.2 unknown protein (AtFLA8)
At1g03870-68300.m00321 F21M11.20 (AtFLA9)
At3g60900-68298.m05872 T4C21.310 endosperm specific protein - l (AtFLA10)
At5g03170-68299.m00240 F15A17.200 arabinogalactan protein (AtFLA11)
At5g60490-68299.m06009 MUF9.12 arabinogalactan protein (AtFLA12)
At5g44130-68299.m04133 MLN1.5 putative protein (AtFLA13)
At3g12660-68298.m01350 T2E22.3 MBK21.3 hypothetical protein predicted by genemark.hmm (AtFLA14)
At1g30800-68300.m03282 T17H7.8 (FAS1 E=0.001)
At4g12950-68296.m01302 F25G13.40 hypothetical protein (smart00554, FAS1 E=2e-06)
At5g16920-68299.m01758 F2K13.70 putative protein predicted proteins, (smart00554, FAS1 E=1e-06)

Extensin related

At4g16140-68296.m01657 FCAALL.289 extensin like protein 
At1g23040-68300.m02501 F19G10.19 T26J12.18 unknown protein

Phytocyanin-like (stellacyanin-like, uclacyanin-like, early nodulin-like, PF02298)

At1g08500-68300.m00810 T27G7.18 unknown protein identical to unknown protein
At1g21090-68300.m02292 T22I11.8 hypothetical protein predicted by genemark.hmm
At1g72230-68300.m07263 T9N14.17 blue copper protein, putative
At1g79800-68300.m08104 F20B17.22 F20B17.22 hypothetical protein
At2g23990-68297.m02431 T29E15.19 nodulin-like protein
At2g25060-68297.m02543 F13D4.2 F27C12.2 similar to early nodulin
At2g26720-68297.m02731 F18A8.9 putative phytocyanin
At2g31050-68297.m03228 T16B12.14 F7F1.27 putative blue copper-binding protein
At2g32300-68297.m03366 T32F6.18 putative uclacyanin I 
At2g44790-68297.m04762 F16B22.32 phytocyanin 
At3g18590-68298.m02044 K24M9.8 hypothetical protein contains similarity to nodulin-like protein
At3g20570-68298.m02262 K10D20.11 hypothetical protein 
At3g27200-68298.m03002 K17E12.2 blue copper protein, putative similar to uclacyanin I 
At3g60270-68298.m05805 F27H5.60 stellacyanin (uclacyanin 3) - like protein uclacyanin 3
At3g60280-68298.m05806 F27H5.70 uclacyanin 3
At4g27520-68296.m02975 T29A15.10 F27G19.3 putative protein ENOD20 gene
At4g28365-68296.m03069 F20O9.4 copper-binding protein-like ENOD20 gene (small copper-binding protein)
At4g30590-68296.m03322 F17I23.70 putative protein ENOD20 gene product
At4g31840-68296.m03474 F11C18.40 putative protein ENOD16,
At4g32490-68296.m03559 F8B4.190 nodulin - like protein nodulin
At5g20230-68299.m02124 F5O24.120 blue copper binding protein 
At5g25090-68299.m02560 T11H3.100 phytocyanin-related protein-like 
At5g40620-68299.m03736 MNF13.17 putative protein predicted protein
At5g53870-68299.m05251 K19P17.3 putative protein contains similarity to phytocyanin/early nodulin-like protein
At3g01070-68298.m00008 T4P13.25 putative lamin similar to blue copper-binding lamin 

Phytochelatin synthetase like(COBRA and COBRA like, PF04833)

At3g02210-68298.m00167 F14P3.14 unknown protein similar to putative phytochelatin synthetase 
At3g16860-68298.m01853 MUH15.2 unknown protein
At3g29810-68298.m03362 K17E7.12 phytochelatin synthetase-like protein
At4g27110-68296.m02923 T24A18.60 putative protein 
At5g49270-68299.m04718 K21P3.15 putative protein
At5g60920-68299.m06057 MSL3.40 phytochelatin synthetase - like
without predicted N-terminal signal peptide
At1g09790-68300.m00942 F21M12.17 putative phytochelatin synthetase
At3g20580-68298.m02263 K10D20.12 hypothetical protein
At5g15630-68299.m01624 F14F8.10 putative phytochelatin synthetase

Glycerophosphodiesterase-like (PF03009)

At1g66970-68300.m06620 F1O19.5 unknown protein
At4g26690-68296.m02881 F10M23.30 T15N24.4 putative protein 
At5g55480-68299.m05431 MTE17.19 putative protein 
At5g58170-68299.m05742 MCK7.4 strong similarity to unknown protein (pir||T04792)
At5g58050-68299.m05729 K21L19.4 aluminium tolerance associated - like protein

Glycohydrolases(families 1,5,8 or 17; PF00232, PF00150, PF01501, PF00322)

At1g26450-68300.m02810 T1K7.18 hypothetical protein similar to putative beta-1,3-glucanase 
At1g64760-68300.m06370 F13O11.7 beta-1,3-glucanase, putative similar to beta-1,3-glucanase 
At1g69295-68300.m06908 Expressed protein
At1g11820-68300.m08280 F25C20.1 F12F1.33 hypothetical protein
At2g01630-68297.m00066 T8O11.20 putative beta-1,3-glucanase
At2g19440-68297.m01916 F27F23.28 F3P11.4 putative beta-1,3-glucanase
At2g26600-68297.m02719 T9J22.27 putative beta-1,3-glucanase
At3g04010-68298.m00369 T11I18.12 putative beta-1,3-glucanase similar to beta-1,3-glucanase 
At3g13560-68298.m01457 MRP15.20 glucan endo-1,3-beta-glucosidase precursor,
At3g15800-68298.m01714 MSJ11.20 putative beta-1,3-glucanase precursor similar to beta-1,3-glucanase precursor
At4g13600-68296.m01383 T6G15.150 putative protein beta 1,3-glucanase
At4g31140-68296.m03390 F6E21.60 1,3-beta-glucanase - like protein 1,3-beta-glucanase precursor
At5g20870-68299.m02188 F22D1.40 beta-1,3-glucanase - like protein probable beta-1,3-glucanase
At5g42100-68299.m03907 MJC20.21 beta-1,3-glucanase-like protein
At5g58480-68299.m05776 MQJ2.10 beta 1-3 glucanase - like protein
At5g64790-68299.m06499 MXK3.1 MVP7.1 beta-1,3-glucanase
At1g18650-68300.m02012 F25I16.1 unknown protein similar to beta-1,3-glucanase-like protein
At1g32860-68300.m03531 F9L11.6 beta-1,3-glucanase precursor (S<0)
without predicted N-terminal signal peptide
At3g24330-68298.m02683 K7M2.12 beta-1,3-glucanase, putative similar to beta-1,3-glucanase

Pectin metabolism related

At3g53190-68298.m05033 T4D2.120 pectate lyase -like protein 
At5g04310-68299.m00385 T19N18.40 pectate lyase-like protein (S<0)
At3g17220-68298.m01892 MGD8.3 unknown protein


LTP family/seed storage/protease inhibitor (PF00234)

At1g18280-68300.m01972 T10O22.25 F15H18.20 lipid transfer protein, putative similar to lipid transfer protein
At1g27950-68300.m02988 F13K9.6 lipid transfer protein, putative contains Pfam profile: PF00279: Plant lipid transfer protein family
At1g36150-68300.m03940 F5J5.27 non-specific lipid transfer protein, putative similar to non-specific lipid transfer protein
At1g62790-68300.m06154 F23N19.16 unknown protein
At1g73560-68300.m07410 T9L24.28 F6D5.5 lipid transfer protein, putative 
At1g73890-68300.m07447 F2P9.24 hypothetical protein predicted by genscan+
At2g13820-68297.m01269 F17L24.13 F13J11.18 putative nonspecific lipid-transfer protein precursor
At2g27130-68297.m02774 T20P8.18 hypothetical protein predicted
At2g48130-68297.m05154 F11L15.3 unknown protein 
At3g22600-68298.m02492 F16J14.16 unknown protein contains Pfam profile:PF00279 LTP:Plant lipid transfer protein family
At3g22620-68298.m02494 F16J14.17 hypothetical protein predicted by genemark.hmm
At3g43720-68298.m04018 T28A8.10 lipid-transfer protein-like
At3g58550-68298.m05618 F14P22.140 putative protein hypothetical protein F4I1.11
At4g08670-68296.m00793 T3F12.2 putative lipid transfer protein 
At4g12360-68296.m01240 T4C9.200 putative protein
At4g14815-68296.m01517 FCAALL.170 Expressed protein
At4g22630-68296.m02379 T12H17.20 F7K2.210 putative protein 
At5g64080-68299.m06418 MHJ24.6 putative protein contains similarity to nonspecific lipid-transfer protein

Kazal-type serine protease inhibitors (PF00050)

At3g61980-68298.m06002 F21F14.150 hypothetical protein 
At4g01575-68296.m00178 T15B16.19 Expressed protein 

Multicopper oxidase/BP10-like (PF00394)

At4g12420-68296.m01250 T1P17.10 putative pollen-specific protein
At5g51480-68299.m04977 K17N15.3 putative protein pectinesterase-like; strong similarity to pollen-specific protein

Glucose/sorbosone dehydrogenases/hedgehog-interacting-like

At5g62630-68299.m06249 MRG21.5 putative protein 

Signaling receptor-like

At5g41280-68299.m03816 K1O13.8 putative protein (DUF26, PF01657)
At5g41290-68299.m03817 K1O13.9 putative protein (DUF26, PF01657)
At5g41300-68299.m03818 K1O13.10 putative protein (DUF26, PF01657)
At2g25790-68297.m02632 F17H15.18 putative receptor-like protein kinase (pkinase, PF00069)
At1g80080-68300.m08144 F18B13.16 receptor protein kinase, putative similar to receptor protein kinase (LRR)
At5g67130-68299.m06773 K21H1.9 putative protein contains similarity to MAP3K-like protein kinase
At2g36500-68297.m03826 F1O11.13 hypothetical protein predicted by genscan (PB1, smart00666)
without predicted N-terminal signal peptide
At1g03930-68300.m00328 F21M11.14 putative protein kinase (pkinase, PF00069)
At3g24715-68298.m02729 MSD24.11 K7P8.23 hypothetical protein predicted by genemark.hmm (PB1, smart00666)

Thaumatin-like (PF00314)

At4g36010-68296.m03991 T19K4.140 thaumatin-like protein
At1g20030-68300.m02174 T20H2.19 calreticulin, putative

Cation transporters

At1g68100-68300.m06759 T23K23.5 unknown protein (ZIP Zinc transporter, PF02535) 
At2g32270-68297.m03363 T32F6.21 putative Fe(II) transporter (ZIP Zinc transporter, PF02535)
without predicted N-terminal signal peptide
At2g30080-68297.m03116 T27E13.18 F23F1.17 putative Fe(II) transport protein (ZIP Zinc transporter, PF02535)
At3g21580-68298.m02370 MIL23.15 hypothetical protein (Cobalt transport protein, PF02361)
At5g22830-68299.m02301 MRN17.6 putative protein (S<0) (CorA-like Mg2+ transporter protein, PF01544)

Other functions

At5g01990-68299.m00105 T7H20.40 putative protein (Auxin Efflux Carrier, PF03547)
At5g07190-68299.m00737 T28J14.130 embryo-specific protein 3 (ATS3)
At5g62200-68299.m06201 MMI9.3 MTG10.23 putative protein embryo-specific protein 3
At5g62210-68299.m06203 MMI9.4 MTG10.26 embryo-specific protein - like embryo-specific protein 3
At1g21880-68300.m02377 T26F17.10 unknown protein contains Pfam profile:PF01476 Putative peptidoglycan binding domain (2 copies);
At2g17120-68297.m01644 F6P23.25 unknown protein (LysM, PF01476)
At3g20590-68298.m02264 K10D20.23 non-race specific disease resistance protein,
At3g20600-68298.m02265 K10D20.24 non-race specific disease resistance protein (NDR1)
At5g14190-68299.m01469 MUA22.19 putative protein (S<0) (abhydro_lipase, PF04083)
At5g42590-68299.m03960 K16E1.6 cytochrome P450 
without predicted N-terminal signal peptide
At5g41480-68299.m03835 MYC6.18 folylpolyglutamate synthase-like protein
At4g29130-68296.m03166 F19B15.160 hexokinase 
At1g07460-68300.m00697 F22G5.19 lectin
At3g07400-68298.m00770 F21O3.11 hypothetical protein predicted by genscan (Lipase_3, PF01764)
At2g45140-68297.m04803 T14P1.5 putative VAMP-associated protein (MSP_domain, PF00635)
At4g00170-68296.m00017 F6N15.21 putative proline-rich protein (MSP_domain, PF00635)
At3g60600-68298.m05842 T4C21.10 putative protein VAP27 (S<0) (MSP_domain, PF00635)
At5g43610-68299.m04074 K9D7.11 sucrose transporter protein (sugar_tr, PF00083)
At2g14670-68297.m01371 T6B13.9 putative sucrose-proton symporter (S<0) (sugar_tr, PF00083)
At5g06170-68299.m00623 MBL20.5 sucrose transporter protein (S<0) (sugar_tr, PF00083)
At2g18840-68297.m01844 MSF3.22 F19F24.20 unknown protein (YIP1, PF04893 
At3g05280-68298.m00506 T12H1.25 unknown protein (YIP1, PF04893)
At4g30260-68296.m03289 F9N11.110 putative protein YIP1 protein (YIP1, PF04893)
At4g27950-68296.m03024 T13J8.60 putative protein DNA-binding protein Pti6 (S<0)
At4g08050-68296.m00728 T17A2.3 may be a pseudogene
At4g21070-68296.m04473 T13K14.230 F7J7.10 putative protein (fragment) BRCA1-associated RING domain protein
At3g09800-68298.m01008 F11F8.39 F8A24.15 putative coatomer zeta subunit
At5g57710-68299.m05688 MRI1.7 101 kDa heat shock protein; HSP101-like protein
At2g38860-68297.m04080 T7F6.3 unknown protein (DJ-1/PfpI, PF01965)
At3g54600-68298.m05182 T14E10.170 putative protein intracellular proteinase I (DJ-1/PfpI, PF01965)
At4g09350-68296.m00881 T30A10.110 putative protein heat shock protein dnaJ - (S<0) (PF00226)
At4g05170-68296.m00595 C17L7.90 C6L9.17 putative protein ethylene responsive ER33 protein (HLH, PF00010)
At1g78920-68300.m08007 F9K20.2 vacuolar-type H+-translocating inorganic pyrophosphatase 
At1g16780-68300.m01739 F17F16.2 vacuolar-type H+-translocating inorganic pyrophosphatase (S<0)
At3g22190-68298.m02443 MKA23.10 unknown protein contains PF00612 IQ:IQ calmodulin-binding motif
At3g10500-68298.m01084 F13M14.22 unknown protein N-terminus similar to unknown protein (NAM, PF02365)
At3g11220-68298.m01175 F11B9.14 F9F8.29 hypothetical protein predicted by genemark.hmm (COG0467, RAD55)
At3g46960-68298.m04365 F13I12.10 putative helicase
At1g54500-68300.m05404 F20D21.31 rubredoxin (rubredoxin, PF00301)
At5g17170-68299.m01783 MKP11.2 unknown protein (rubredoxin, PF00301)
At2g32240-68297.m03360 F22D22.1 putative myosin heavy chain
At1g28490-68300.m03055 F3M18.7 hypothetical protein predicted by genemark.hmm (syntaxin)
At1g79590-68300.m08072 F20B17.2 unknown protein (syntaxin)
At3g48900-68298.m04560 T21J18.170 putative protein nucleotide excision repair protein XPG
At2g23780-68297.m02408 F27L4.4 putative RING zinc finger protein 
At3g10810-68298.m01120 T7M13.11 putative RING zinc finger protein contains Pfam profile: PF00097 Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)

Hypothetical proteins/unknown function

At1g29980-68300.m03195 T1P2.9 unknown protein (DUF642)
At2g34510-68297.m03609 T31E10.15 unknown protein (DUF642)
At5g14150-68299.m01465 MUA22.15 putative protein similar to unknown protein (DUF642)
At1g23050-68300.m02503 F19G10.1 T26J12.17 unknown protein
At1g54860-68300.m05444 F14C21.37 T22H22.25 unknown protein 
At1g61900-68300.m06056 F8K4.10 hypothetical protein contains similarity to glutamic acid/alanine-rich protein GI:6707830 from [Trypanosoma congolense]
At1g70985-68300.m07117 F15H11.23 Expressed protein 
At2g20700-68297.m02058 F5H14.33 hypothetical protein predicted by genefinder 
At2g21180-68297.m02125 F26H11.6 hypothetical protein predicted by genefinder;
At3g01730-68298.m00089 F4P13.28 F28J7.6 hypothetical protein predicted by genscan;
At3g04640-68298.m00437 F7O18.12 hypothetical protein predicted by genefinder;
At3g06750-68298.m00697 F3E22.11 unknown protein 
At3g20865-68298.m02293 MOE17.14 Expressed protein 
At3g27410-68298.m03026 K1G2.12 hypothetical protein predicted by genemark.hmm
At3g55790-68298.m05315 F1I16.200 putative protein predicted protein,
At4g16985-68296.m01752 FCAALL.162 Expressed protein 
At4g28085-68296.m03039 T13J8.3 Expressed protein 
At4g28100-68296.m03041 T13J8.210 hypothetical protein 
At4g28280-68296.m03060 F26K10.160 putative GPI-anchored protein 
At4g29735-68296.m03228 T16L4.1 Expressed protein 
At4g30670-68296.m03330 T10C21.20 Expressed protein 
At5g08210-68299.m00869 F8L15.6 T22D6.150 putative protein
At5g11990-68299.m01252 F14F18.160 putative protein
At5g19230-68299.m02017 T24G5.130 putative protein 
At5g19250-68299.m02019 T24G5.150 putative protein 
At5g49280-68299.m04719 K21P3.16 unknown protein 
At5g56170-68299.m05510 MDA7.23 putative protein contains similarity to GPI-anchored protein
At4g15460-68296.m01585 FCAALL.299 glycine-rich protein like
At4g30770-68296.m03340 T10C21.120 hypothetical protein
At1g70990-68300.m07118 F15H11.18 unknown protein ; (S<0)
At3g06035-68298.m00600 F24F17.7 Expressed protein ; (S<0)
At5g14110-68299.m01461 MUA22.11 unknown protein 
At5g63500-68299.m06349 MLE2.13 putative protein 
At3g01950-68298.m00124 F1C9.27 F28J7.28 hypothetical protein identical to unknown partial protein; (S<0) 
without predicted N-terminal signal peptide
At4g14280-68296.m01455 FCAALL.154 hypothetical protein
At1g67600-68300.m06698 F12A21.27 F12A21.27 F12A21.27 hypothetical protein (DUF212)
At5g11290-68299.m01174 F2I11.180 putative protein (DUF247)
At2g27370-68297.m02805 F12K2.5 F10A12.5 unknown protein (DUF588)
At2g36330-68297.m03807 F2H17.6 hypothetical protein predicted by genscan (DUF588)
At2g38480-68297.m04038 T19C21.23 T6A23.32 expressed protein supported by cDNA (DUF588)
At3g11550-68298.m01209 F24K9.22 unknown protein (DUF588)
At5g06200-68299.m00626 MBL20.8 putative protein similar to unknown protein (DUF588)
At5g15290-68299.m01589 F8M21.180 putative protein many predicted proteins (DUF588)
At5g40300-68299.m03698 MPO12.1 MSN9.5 putative protein MtN24 gene (DUF588)
At1g14160-68300.m01448 F7A19.24 unknown protein location of EST 168K9XP 3 (DUF588)
At4g15610-68296.m01602 FCAALL.139 hypothetical protein (DUF588)
At4g33320-68296.m03654 F17M5.80 hypothetical protein (S<0) (DUF641) 
At1g35617-68300.m03868 F15O4.21 hypothetical protein predicted by genscan+
At2g46550-68297.m04964 F13A10.8 unknown protein 
At3g28670-68298.m03169 MZN14.14 unknown protein 
At4g26060-68296.m02798 F20B18.170 putative protein 
At4g32780-68296.m03592 F4D11.20 putative protein 
At5g05950-68299.m00597 K18J17.12 putative protein similar to unknown protein
At5g11000-68299.m01142 T30N20.270 T5K6.4 putative protein 
At5g14330-68299.m01484 F18O22.120 putative protein
At5g55750-68299.m05461 MDF20.19 unknown protein
At5g56850-68299.m05588 MIK19.5 putative protein 
At5g61490-68299.m06121 K11J9.2 MCI2.7 putative protein 
At3g11880-68298.m01247 F26K24.17 unknown protein 
At4g22160-68296.m02323 T10I14.8 Expressed protein 
At5g35070-68299.m03130 MSK10.8 F7N22.60 putative protein
At5g29060-68299.m02990 F23C8.30 putative protein (S<0)

Last modified: 10th March 2003